June Favorites (2017)

For this post I’ll be sharing with you guys my June favorites. This will be my first ever monthly favorites post and I am thinking of doing it regularly hopefully! These were all the things from fashion, skincare and snack that I love this whole month of June, these were all the items that I mostly used throughout the month and definitely I will be using it until I am still on-bored from these lovely items. For my June favorites I have listed eight items and here’s how I love them.



1. Argan Oil from Morocco (BENCH/ORGANICS)

I have been using argan oil months ago after discovering the skin and hair benefits of it. Currently I am using the argan oil from Bench which was pretty good actually, I love how it smells so good and it was not greasy at all. It really helps in moisturizing my skin. What  I like the most it has also macadamia oil and vitamin E and also it can be use not just for your body but it can be use as well to your face and hair. Surprisingly this cost me oonly 199 pesos which I think was the cheapest one I’ve bought so far.


2. Aloe Vera Face & Body Mist (BENCH/ORGANICS)

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with skincare with aloe vera since I found out that it was really have a strong benefits to take care of your skin. So, I found this aloe vera mist from Bench which is on the same line of Organics. It also helps to moisturized skin and keeps it hydrated. I used it as part of my morning skincare routine.


3. Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (Nature Republic)

As part of my skincare with aloe vera, I discover this aloe vera gel on youtube. Everyone was raving about this moisturizing gel and it was a Korean product which we all know that their skincare products are almost pretty working. I used this aloe vera gel everynight as a mask, I let it sleep on my face overnight. It really helps moisturizing my skin and I noticed that it helps in preventing my pimple to grow. I really recommend this one from Nature Republic although there are also a lot of aloe vera gel out there but I am happy with this one.


4. BB.Holic Everyday BB Cream (iWhite Korea)

Yes, I am using BB cream to help in hiding the impurities on my face, acne scars, pimples. What I like about using BB cream instead of a regular foundation was because of it’s skincare benefits. Currently, I am using this  BB.Holic from iWhite as my everyday BB cream which was super amazing considering that was very cheap. It does not smell make up or anything and it really gives natural looking coverage.


5. Honey Butter Potato Chips (Jack&Jill/Calbee)

This was one of my latest discovery that really destroyed my diet hahah! The honey butter potato chips was really popular in Japan & Korea, luckily they were now here in the Philppines. I’m absolutely enjoyed eating this to the point that I hoardered some of this, I really love the combination of honey and butter it was perfect. Maybe, I will never get tired eating this. LOL!


6. RRJ White Sneakers

One of the must have and very staple piece from your wardrobe was to have a pair of white sneakers. Since, it was easy to style and it goes well to any outfit. I am also obsessed with white sneakers and this gem stole my heart. This RRJ shoes was made of rubber and plastic which I am looking for since it was easy to clean. Surprisingly, I got this on 50% discount, such a steal indeed!


7. Salvatore Mann Backpack

I only got this because it has the same style and design with Anello Bags, I wonder if this brand has copyright to copied the style from Anello one. It was definitely a lot cheaper compared from Anello one. I just love this since it was very sturdy and pretty fits all my stuff including my laptop. I used this as my working bag and I am very satisfied, the only downside for me was I am having trouble opening the zipper with one hand because of the metal from the zipper overall it was a good catch.


8. TANK Denim Jacket

Last from my June favorites but not the least was this denim jacket from Tank. What I love about this was the pastel pink color or I called it peach plum which currently have an obsession from this shades of color. What makes it more special, it was a gift from one of my best friends on my birthday. I’ve been wore this during our food trip in Binondo which I’ll be blogging soon haha!




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